A personal trainer can be a great resource for reaching your health and fitness goals. If any of these 9 reasons ring true, consider CrossFit Basinview’s personal and/or in-home personal training programs.

  1. You Don’t Know Where To Start. When you set a goal for yourself, you often have the end result in mind… but do you know how to get there? A personal trainer will direct you to the best (and personalized) program for your needs. A personal trainer can identify what your goals are and tell you exactly what you need to do to get there.
  2. You cannot do it by yourself! Yes, we know! You can go very far on your own. No question… but at times you are going to need some support of some sort to be successful. Having that support around you helps you achieve your goals way-way faster.
  3. You want to reduce the injury risk! Poor technique and execution are common contributors to injury. A knowledgeable personal trainer will improve your technique and execution so that you reduce your risk of injury and get the most out of each exercise.
  4. You know this is their job! Watch Youtube tutorials, read Wikipedia articles, or Google “how to” questions all day long for hours, and you may or may not know as much as a coach in the subject of fitness. Why not be savvier with your time and find a personal trainer you trust, and take advantage of their knowledge to reach your health and fitness goal.
  5. Your motivation fluctuates! It happens to all of us. It does! A typical scenario is you start a new program with tons of excitement, and maybe even see a little progress, but life gets in the way after a few days and things fall apart. A coach is here to motivate you at the start, middle and in the last steps of your journey toward a goal. The motivation you get from the coach may make the difference between success and failure.
  6. You’re Not Seeing Results. Perhaps you’ve tried a gym or fitness routine in the past that just felt like a dead end… no inspiration, and no guidance, no results. You look the same! You weigh the same! Personal trainers design the workout around your goals and the results you’d like to see.
  7. You hate gyms. You know you need to stay in shape, but you dread going to the gym. It’s crowded, you don’t know anyone, you have to wait for the machines, and you never know if you’re using the equipment correctly or if you have the right technique. Maybe it is time to bring in the professionals. A personal trainer can add variety to your routine, dial up the intensity or incorporate different body-sculpting exercises, equipment, machines or other fresh ideas you may never have otherwise thought of doing.
  8. You need tough love! If you are not pulling your weight, you need to be told! If you are being lazy, maybe you need your ass-kicked. Personal trainers will be hard on you, push you and give you the honest and tough love. Maybe, that’s what you need.
  9. You are training for an event. So you finally signed up for the Blue Nose Marathon Marathon, CrossFit Games, Tidal Trail Run, or a triathlon, a company fun run, 5K, 10K… Now what? You may want to consider getting help from a personal trainer to make sure you make it across the finish line. A personal trainer can help you create a training program and a game plan to make sure you’ll be ready for your event.