The 2019 CrossFit Open is around the corner. It will be a fun and intense week for all our members at CrossFit Basinview and all other CrossFit affiliates around Nova Scotia. If this will your first time to compete in the CrossFit Open, congratulations on your decision! For those who have competed in 2018 CrossFit Open in Halifax, you now have a ranking to compare this year!

If your goal is to do better at the 2019 CrossFit Open, we have some tips and advice for you:

  • Evaluate your technique and performance after each workout and see what are the areas you need to improve and focus on! Join our Sunday morning Hero WOD class to push yourself. You could not clean as heavy as you hoped? Attend our Lift Technique sessions. Get stronger in weightlifting and get used to lifting at an elevated heart rate.
  • Tackle your weaknesses with a personal training session to master the technique and movements that are challenging for you.
  • Plan ahead! The effort and the work for the CrossFit Open do not begin a month before the event. If you want to improve and be successful, it takes a full year to continue to build up your foundation. Get your lifestyle sorted with the workout, nutrition, and recovery. These all need to be aligned. Inconsistencies in any of these areas will greatly impact your result. What you do outside of the box counts as much if not more than what you do here at CrossFit Basinview.