CrossFit Basinview – Deka Comp Open

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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

3 rounds @increasing intensity on each round

2 minutes Row or Bike

25’ Bear Crawl (There is no movement at all at the spine)

5/5 Dead bug (Hold every rep for 3 seconds)

B. Mobility

B1. Soft tissue mobilisation

With a barbell, a foam roller or a LaCrosse ball

45-60 seconds/side

– Hamstrings

B2. World greatest stretch

5 repetitions/side

C. Specific

10 RDL

10 Bent over row

10 Elbow rotations

10 Front Rack Lunges

5 Tall Clean


A: Metcon (Weight)

5 sets @50-60%

1 Pause Clean pull (above the knees)

1 2-pause Clean (above the knees and at reception at 1/4 Squat)

1 Squat Clean
Athlete: We use this here as a primer for the Hang Clean in the following section.

Pause Clean pull

Hold the pause above the knee long enough so you can feel how your body is positioned. If you want this drill to be useful for your lift, you need to be correctly positioned:

– The entire foot is against the ground

– Shoulders are directly above the barbell

2-pause Clean

The pause in the reception is meant to teach you to receive the barbell while you’re moving down in the Squat so you can be more engaged at the bottom and therefore more efficient on the way up.

Squat Clean

Your goal in the repetition is to transfer the points you just worked on in the previous repetitions.


B: Metcon (Time)

For time

1K Run

30 Deadlift @225/155 lbs

40 Burpees box jump over 24″/20’’

50 Ring dips

40 Box jump over 24″/20’’

30 Deadlift @225/155 lbs

1K Run
Goal: Lower body muscular endurance

Points of performance:


RPE 7/10


Consistent sets

Burpees box jump over

Aim to keep the exact same pattern from the beginning to the end of the set.

Ring dips

The ring dips here are programmed simply so your lower body has a rest. You can challenge you with a big set knowing that this is the last pushing exercise of the workout.

Box jumps over

Have in mind that there are a lot of Deadlifts in this workout so keeping an inclined position may accumulate too much tension in your lower back and create incomfort. Bending your knees to stay low is a better idea here.


C: Metcon (No Measure)

4 rounds

50′ Zercher Carry (Barbell or yoke) @heavy, RPE 8/10

Rest 20 seconds

8(4/leg)/arm Single arm RDL + Knee drive Carry

Rest 20 seconds

60 seconds Face down Chinese plank

Rest 20 seconds
Athlete: The goal here is to complement the exercises in the workout. Considering we are in the deload week, If your hamstrings feel already really tired I suggest you to skip the 2 last exercises and perform only the zercher carry.