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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

1min Easy Row or Bike or Mountain climbers

30sec rotating scorpions

1min Moderate Row or Bike or Mountain Climbers

30sec Alternating straight arm Y raise

1min Hard Row or Bike or Mountain Climbers

B. Specific Before push press

– Tempo dip + hold (to feel tension in the legs and back)

– Tempo dip + hold + push press (To understand the tension in the legs and back as well as the contact of the bar on the shoulders

– Tempo push press (no pause but controlled descent to recreate same tension as previous drills)

C. Specific (Before Metcon)

1 set

-5 Burpees

-5 V-ups

-5 DB snatch/Object GTO


A: Push Press (10mins to Work up to a heavy 3rep )


B: Metcon (Time)

For time

50 Burpees to target for time

Rest 3mins

For time

5 rounds

10 TTB

10 Reverse Lunges @ 135-95 lbs

Time cap: 18mins

Cool down

Walk 200m then,

60 seconds Quadruped adductor rock backs/leg

60 seconds Quadruped shoulder stretch/ arm