CrossFit Basinview – Deka Comp Open

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Recovery day

1. Mobility work

1.1. Upper body (Shoulder work)

A. Massage with LaCross ball

Front, side and back of the shoulder

B. World greatest stretch

5 repetitions/side

C. Quadruped T-spine rotation

10 reps/side

1.2. Lower body

A.. Wall quad stretch

3-5 minutes/side

2. Low intensity cardiovascular work


1: 200m Row/Ski or 400m Bike or 200m Run

2: 20sec/leg Star drill

3: 20sec/side Single leg glute bridge

3. Breathing work

3 mins Breathing on the floor


1. Place one hand beside your navel and the other other just above the navel.

2. Make sure every muscle of your body is relaxed.

3. Close your mouth using only nose breathing.

4. Inhale slowly. While the air goes into your belly, make sure you feel it inflate like a balloon and make sure you feel your rib cage expand with your hand to the side.

We ask you to do this little drill because it can increase your performances a lot, breathing is often left behind. Did you know that breathing is less effective if the exchange of air occurs only in the upper respiratory tract ?

There are many benefits of practicing and using a better breathing pattern.

– Increased metabolic efficiency

– Increased core stability

– Increased mobility effectiveness

– Enhanced recovery