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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

2mins Easy Row or Bike @nose breathing

B. Mobility

90/90 hip stretch

60sec per side

C. Specific

3 sets on machine of choice

20sec full stroke @hard

20sec Arms only @easy

20sec 100m Legs only @moderate


A: Metcon (Calories)

Ramp test

Machine of your choice

How far can you go?

1 minute @800 Cal/h

1 minute @900 Cal/h

1 minute @1000 Cal/h

1 minute @1100 Cal/h

1 minute @1200 Cal/h

etc. until you cannot hold the speed for the entire minute

Rest 4mins, then

6 x 2 minutes @last completed pace -100 Cal/h

Rest 2min
Example, if you completed the minute @1000 Cal/h and died at 1100, you have to complete the 2 minutes @900

Scoring: Final Cal/h pace achieved

Scaling Options:


30min row

Every 2mins complete 6 burpees over the erg

Score: max distance


As written

Cool down

RDL airplanes

3 x 10/side