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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

3mins Row or bike @ Easy Ski/Bike/Row/Run @nose breathing

-at the top of each min, breath hold for 3-5sec and resume with nose breathing.

B. Specific

-30sec in-and-out plate hops

-10 alternating jumping lunges

-5/5 KB turkish sit-up

-10 Russian KB swings

C. Drills & progressions

Push/Pull Ring MU up progression

2 sets:

1. Beginner

-5-8 False grip Ring rows

-5-8 Pause ring dips/Hand release push-ups

2. Intermediate

-1-3 False grip Chest to ring pull-ups + 3-5 Hip to rings

-3-5 strict Ring dips/Bench dips

3. Advanced

-1-3 Box assisted ring mu

-1-3 Mu with a towel between the toes to promote hollow body tension.

Athletes can work through two sets of the above progression beginning with something comfortable and advancing to something challenging but doable for the second set.


A: Metcon (Time)

5 rounds

40 Double-unders

16 Double KB Front rack Lunges @2×24/26kg


5 rounds

6 Burpee ring muscle ups

30 Kettlebell swings @24/16kg
TC: 22mins

Scaling Options:


5 rounds

40 Single unders, attempting a double under every 10 reps

16 Double DB front rack lunges


5 rounds

6 Burpees + 6 ring rows + 6 box dips

30 Russian Kettlebell swings @light


5 rounds

20-30 Double unders

16 Double KB Front rack Lunges @2×24/26kg


5 rounds

6 Burpees + 6 Transition ring mu or 6 pull + 6 push

30 Kettlebell swings or russian kb swings @24/16kg


For time

8-6-4-2 Burpee Ring Muscle-ups

80-60-40-20 Double-unders

A2: Metcon (Time)

Team Version

You go, i go

5 rounds

80 Double unders

32 Double KB Front rack Lunges @2×24/26kg

12 Burpee ring muscle ups

60 Kettlebell swings @24/16kg

Extra Accessory

Metcon (Time)

Team wave off

5 rounds

2 burpees each athlete
Each athlete must perform 2 burpees as fast as possible. Like a wave athlete must wait for their partner on their side to do their reps to simulate the wave. Time is called when the last athlete performed his fifth set of 2 burpees.