CrossFit Basinview – Deka Comp Open

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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

3 rounds @increasing intensity on each round

2 minutes Row or Bike

25’ Bear Crawl (There is no movement at all at the spine)

5/5 Dead bug (Hold every rep for 3 seconds)

B. Mobility

B1. Soft tissue mobilisation

With a barbell, a foam roller or a LaCrosse ball

45-60 seconds/side

– Calves

B2. PNF barbell/plates calves stretch

5 repetitions/side

– 5 seconds contraction, pushing against the ground with the ball of your feet

– 5 seconds stretch, moving your heels down toward the floor

C. Specific

2 x

5/leg Single leg Hip Thrust

3 High Box Jumps


A: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Power Clean

3 x Max rep TNG @225/155lbs

rest 2-3 minutes between sets
Athlete: The purpose of this section is to force you to finish your pull. Indeed, when your legs will start to be tired, you will need to use everything you have to bring the bar on your shoulders. You will therefore exaggerate your pull.

Goal: Barbell cycling

Points of performance:

– Make sure to rest long enough between sets. Wait more than 3 minutes if you need to.

Sanctionals and Games level athletes: 10+

Competitive Open athletes: 6+


B: Metcon (No Measure)

5 rounds

4 Deadlift @345/245lbs or 75%

7 Strict Pull-ups

200m Run
Athlete: This isn’t for time. We are looking for quality heavy deadlifts.

Goal: Improve your capacity in long workouts including heavy Deadlifts.

Points of performance:


– The weight has to be heavier than last week.

– Sets are performed unbroken as much as possible.


– Keep your feet in front of the bar for the entire rep. Focus on form.


– Consistent pace in your comfort zone. I want you to focus your efforts on the Deadlift so you should not be out of breath after the 200m.


C: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Every 5 minutes for 15 minutes

100 Double-unders

30 GHD Sit-ups

15 D-Ball Lunges (Hugging) @100/80lbs
Athlete: If you do not have a D-Ball a sandbag is fine.

If you don’t have either, a little brother/cousin (wearing a mask) or big dog is fine. (:

Goal: Midline endurance

Points of performance:

– You must have at least 1 minute of rest at the end of each 5 minutes. Reduce GHD volume as needed.

– Lunges should be unbroken.


D: Metcon (No Measure)

Reverse hypers

3 x 12 @light

Rest 60 seconds between sets