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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

400m Run, 500m Row/ski, 1,000m Bike

-Gradually building pace from easy to hard

B. Mobility

Shoulder Hip Ext

3 x 20s on/10s Off

C. Specific at gym

2 sets

-jog 100m

-12 Alternating unweighted step-ups/Lunges

-8 Wall balls

– 4/4 Shoulder to OH with DB

C. Specific at home

2 sets

-50ft / 20sec butt kicks

-12 Alternating unweighted step-ups/Lunges

-20sec Nose to wall HS hold / Downward Dog


A: Metcon (Time)


150 Wall balls 20/14lbs

Rest 1min

5 rounds

400m Run

30 DB Step-ups @50/35lbs x 1

30 Single arm DB STO @50/35lbs x 1

*If you have a vest you can wear it

Team Version

One person working at a time other than the run, complete the following (both athletes run together):

“Partner Karen”

150 wall balls 20/14lbs

Right into

2Km Run

150 DB Step-ups @50/35 x 1

150 Single arm DB STO @50/35 x 1

*If you have a vest you can wear it

Right into

“Partner Karen”

150 wall balls 20/14


-Single DB Thruster

-Object Thruster


-500m Row,ski, 1,000m Bike

-40 Lateral speed skater hops


Metcon (No Measure)

Cool down

Row 500m @ S/M 16-20
Cool down at home

Walk around your bloc, take a breather!

Towel calf stretch