CrossFit Basinview – Deka Comp Open

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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

3 rounds @increasing intensity on each round

2 minutes Row or Bike

25’ Bear Crawl (There is no movement at all at the spine)

5/5 Dead bug (Hold every rep for 3 seconds)

B. Mobility

B1. Soft tissue mobilisation

With a barbell, a foam roller or a LaCrosse ball

45-60 seconds/side

– Glutes

B2. Hip 90/90

10 repetitions/side

C. Specific

2 sets

5 Banded Y OH Squat

5/leg Glute bridge

5 Box Jump + step down


A: Metcon (Weight)

Muscle Squat Snatch

3 x 5 @light, technical weight
Athlete: We use this here as a primer for the Snatch in the following section.

Properly done, this drill will be really helpful for:

– Not leaning forward in the reception after the third pull

– Finishing your pull

– receiving the bar before the 90° so you can slow the barbell down and be more efficient to move up from the hole


B: Back Squat (3×4, 6×3 @65-75%)

EMOM 12minutes

Min 1,2,3: 4 reps @65%

Min 4,5,6: 3 reps @70%

Min 7,8,9: 3 reps @75%

Goal: Maintain CNS simulation during the deload

Points of performance:

– Please stick to the %

– Aim to move up from the hole as fast as you can (while maintaining a good form).


C: Metcon (Time)

For time

100 Box Jump @24″/20″

80 TTB

60 Pistols

40 Power Clean @155/105lbs
Goal: Improve your lower body endurance in long and light workouts

Points of performance:

Box jump

– Keep a steady pace


– Aim for consistency in your rest periods.


– Set a goal at the beginning of the workout and stick to it. It can be to perform X repetitions every X seconds or to simply stay in movement or anything you find a good strategy for you.

Power Clean

– Must be done in sets of 3 TNG reps minimum.


D: Metcon (Weight)

Split stance Landmine twist

3 x 5/side
Athlete: This exercise is programmed in order to strengthen your capacity to stabilize the barbell in the reception of your Split Jerk.