CrossFit Basinview – Deka Comp Open

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Warm-up (No Measure)

A. General

3 rounds @increasing intensity on each round

2 minutes Row or Bike

25’ Bear Crawl (There is no movement at all at the spine)

5/5 Dead bug (Hold every rep for 3 seconds)

B. Mobility

B1. Soft tissue mobilisation

With a barbell, a foam roller or a LaCrosse ball

45-60 seconds/side

– Pecs

B2. Push-up plank to shoulder extension on parallette or boxes

10 repetitions

C. Specific

5 Scap pulls

10 Sit-up drill

30 seconds Deep Goblet Squat hold (bottom)


A: Metcon (No Measure)

Muscle-up transition drill on boxes

3 x 5-8 reps

Rest as needed between sets
Goal: Improve your turnover

Points of performance:

– Focus on speed and tension in the dip reception



B: Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 sets

Max reps of

Strict Chin-ups with 10sec hold at the top

Rest 90 seconds
Goal: Improve strength and control

Points of performance:

– If you can do more than 10 Pull-ups unbroken, then add a weight on you (vest, DB…)


C: Metcon (2 Rounds for time)


DB Squat @2×50/35lbs

Bar Facing Burpees

Rest 1:1


DB Squat @2×50/35lbs

Bar Facing Burpees
Each “round” is the two parts of the metcon.

Goal: Improve your performance in short workout (5-9 minutes length) where transitions matter

Points of performance:

– Move fast between exercises

– Endure the pain, I know it burns but in these types of movements you CAN keep moving !


D: Metcon (No Measure)

Standing Banded T

3 x 20 reps

Hold 5 seconds at peak contraction every 5 reps
Goal: Shoulder health

Points of performance:

– Keep your shoulder far from your ear while you perform the movement. Do not let the shoulder roll forward.