CrossFit Basinview – Deka Comp Open

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Recovery day

1. Mobility work + strengthening

1.1. Upper body

A. Smash forearms with a barbell 1min each side.

B. T-Spine Sweep

10 rotations per side

C. Banded M + Angel

20 reps, 3sec eccentric, angel every 5 reps

1.2. Lower body

A. PNF Hamstring stretch

5sec contraction + 5sec stretch, 10 times per leg

B. 90/90

10rotations per side. Hold 5sec each rep.

C. Lying Cross Body Glute stretch

1min per side

2. Low intensity cardiovascular work

Any cardio machine for 30minutes at 7/10 RPE.

Every 5minutes perform: 15 Air Squats, 10 Sit-ups, 10 Push-ups

3. Breathing work

4minutes of “Box” breathing


-Inhale for 4seconds

-Hold breath for 4seconds

-Exhale for 4seconds

-Hold breath for 4seconds

-Make sure that when you inhale your belly expands

-When you exhale your belly shrinks

We ask you to do this little drill because it can increase your performances a lot, breathing is often left behind. Did you know that breathing is less effective if the exchange of air occurs only in the upper respiratory tract ?

There are many benefits of practicing and using a better breathing pattern.

– Increased metabolic efficiency

– Increased core stability

– Increased mobility effectiveness

– Enhanced recovery