Recovery Services

We offer our members the support and tools needed to maintain, rebuild and continue forging their active lifestyle

Get More From Your Recovery Days

Rest and recovery is an essential part of any workout routine. Your post-CrossFit recovery routine has a big impact on your fitness gains and sports performance and allows you to train much more effectively. Here are some services we offer to get your post-workout plans on track.


Finding balance is what we are all working towards, right? Bringing a balance in your CrossFit workout is just as important! We all know how great yoga can make you feel!

At CrossFit Basinview, our yoga classes help all of our athletes recover from our high intensity workouts as well as improve their flexibility and balance. After just one class, you will notice you have more range of motion, and are less prone to injury.

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Despite being one of the physical skills that comprise CrossFit, flexibility and mobility is often overlooked. Every CrossFit Basinview class has some mobility moves programmed into the warm-up phase. In addition athletes are always encouraged and given time to address specific mobility issues.

We also offer weekly mobility classes which are added to the regular schedule. Join us for these special 60-minute classes that address the mobility issues. Not only will mobility reduce your risk of injury and make you feel better, it will help you get better at some of the more commonly focuses on physical skills like strength, stamina and power.

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Anyone who has spent any amount of time training will tell you about the power of massage. For those of us doing CrossFit, we play harder than most, so it makes sense that massage should be a part of our recovery routine to reduce soreness, and risk of injury while increasing mobility so you can perform better.

Each massage therapy program at CrossFit Basinview is designed to suit the needs of the individual. All our sessions are carried out by skilled and experienced massage therapists, and therefore can often be claimed through the most medical insurance policy.

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Your body can’t create new muscle without protein. Research has proven that consuming protein before and after workouts is the best way to speed muscle tissue repair and gain lean muscle.

CrossFit Basinview has a full line of recovery supplements in our shop to assist you along your recovery so you can tackle tomorrow’s WOD with as much intensity as you tackled today’s. We also have a fully stocked shop with recovery drinks, energy bars, and sport supplements.

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