Bars & Bells

Weight-based exercise programs

If you are looking for something little different (and challenging), we’ve got you covered!

At CrossFit Basinview, we offer weight based exercise programs that are the fastest way to build lean muscle and shape your body. Our expert trainers will help you to sculpt and define with the right techniques to see results. Our Bars & Bells classes focus on developing your technique, and strength. Our programs are designed for each level of athlete; whether you are picking up the barbell for the first time or preparing for a kettlebell competition, we have a program for YOU!

Kettlebell Training

“The kettlebell is an ancient Russian weapon against weakness.” – Pavel Tsatsouline

Our highly experienced and qualified Kettlebell coach has designed this powerful full body workout class for you to improve your core strength and muscular endurance.

Our Kettlebell training emphasizes metabolic conditioning and is perfect for the beginners as well as experienced athletes.

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Weightlifting and Lift Techniques

Olympic style weightlifting offers an excellent opportunity for athletes to train with a barbell to increase speed, power, flexibility, and overall physical conditioning.

Weightlifting a big part of most fitness programs, and learning proper lift techniques is paramount to being successful and injury-free. Our coach provides programming catered to each individual athlete.

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