So you’re interested in starting Crossfit? Become a part of our amazing CrossFit Basinview community? Awesome! We want to help you. Our discovery course is where most of our members start. This is one-on-one, private six classes and the classes are 1 hour long. During these 6 private classes, you will be taught the basic fundamentals of the movements we do in Crossfit. This includes all of our lifting movements as well as gymnastics movements. Our main focus is to make sure you are learning how to perform these movements SAFELY.

Movements Learned in Discovery
Presses (strict, push, push jerk)
Squats (overhead, front, back, air squats)
Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk)
Additional movements: Kettlebell swings, push-ups, sit-ups, rope skip, box jump, burpee

Our discovery course will ensure that you have a solid understanding of all that we do at CrossFit Basinview, as well as prepare you for what to expect within our group classes.

What’s included:
Total of 11 Classes
6 One-on-One / Private Discovery Courses (introduction to CrossFit basics)
5 Group CrossFit Classes Punch Card

What happens when you complete the course?
By the end of the 6 private classes, our goal is for you to feel confident enough in what you’ve learned to feel ready to jump into a regular class. We know this transition can be scary at first, but we promise, you’ll be ready! And if not, our coaches are here to help you at any pace you need to get you ready for that jump.

When you have successfully completed the discovery course, you will receive 5 free group classes punch card which will advance you to participate in our group classes. Each day every class completes the same workout of the day (WOD) so you will have plenty of options for classes that work around your schedule.

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